JUNE 1990

The foundations of ISKUR were laid

In 1990, the foundations of ISKUR were laid by A.Kadir Kurtul in Kahramanmaraş. Entering the sector assertively, ISKUR first started its activities with cotton, cotton gin and cotton oil production.

MAY 1992

OpenEnd business launched

ISKUR, which has set big goals in the textile industry, launched OpenEnd, the first yarn facility. OpenEnd facility started production with a production capacity of 6 Tons/Day.

JUNE 1997

First yarn export to Switzerland

It was time to open up to the world for ISKUR, which started to make a name for itself in the textile sector in the domestic market. In the 7th year of its establishment, it made its first yarn export to Switzerland.

JUNE 2003

SÜLEYMANLI HES facility became operational.

Evaluating different investment opportunities apart from the textile sector, ISKUR took a strong step into the developing energy sector. The SÜLEYMANLI HES facility, which is our first HES project with an installed capacity of 4.7 Mw, became operational.

JULY 2003

ISKUR BOYA company was established.

Continuing its investments in every field of textile, ISKUR established the ISKUR BOYA company, which has a 15 ton/day capacity ring yarn facility and a 10 ton/day capacity knitting dyehouse.

JULY 2005

Pride award to Kurtul from England.

Kadir Kurt, Chairman of the Board of ISKUR, became the pride of the Turkish textile industry as the first Turkish businessman to join the Board of Liverpool Cotton Commodity Exchange.

JULY 2006

İskur has gained the identity of a global company exporting to more than 30 countries.

ISKUR, which wants to carry its products to the world markets, established the company ISKUR PAZARLAMA and gained the identity of a world company that exports to more than 30 countries between the continents.

JULY 2007

The ready-to-wear facility started production with a capacity of 300,000 ready-to-wear products.

Continuing its investments in different sectors of textile, ISKUR completed its garment facility, which is one of our integrated facilities, and started production with a monthly capacity of 300,000 ready-to-wear garments.


Open End yarn production capacity was increased to 46 tons/day.

Continuing its capacity increase efforts to meet the increasing demand in the yarn industry, ISKUR added a new OpenEnd yarn mill to increase its OpenEnd yarn production capacity to 46 tons/day.


İsmail Kurtul Health Center Opened.

Acting with a sense of social responsibility towards the society in which it operates, ISKUR completed the construction of İsmail Kurtul Health Center and delivered it to Kahramanmaraş Provincial Health Directorate.


With the Compact Ring investment, the capacity was increased to 30 tons per day.

Continuing to grow in textiles, ISKUR continued its strategic investments and increased its capacity to 30 tons per day with its second ring spinning facility, Compact Ring investment.


The construction of İsmail Kurtul Primary School has been completed

As its second social responsibility project, ISKUR completed the construction of İsmail Kurtul Primary School with a capacity of 750 students and delivered it to Kahramanmaraş Provincial Directorate of National Education.

MAY 2011

A.Kadir Kurtul was honored by the Turkish Grand National Assembly with the Distinguished Service Award.

ISKUR Chairman of the Board of Directors A. Kadir Kurtul was honored by the Grand National Assembly of Turkey with the Outstanding Service Award for his investments, employment and contribution to the national and regional economy.


Vorteks yarn facility started production with a capacity of 12 tons/day.

By commissioning the second knitted fabric facility, the number of knitting machines was increased to 127, and the raw and dyed knitted fabric capacity was increased to 50 tons/day. Vorteks yarn facility also started production with a capacity of 12 tons/day.


Cogeneration Energy

ISKUR continues to contribute to the national economy with its cogeneration natural gas power plant. Having an installed capacity of 8.6 MW, the system was increased to 12.9 MW in 2016.


Modena woven fabric facility was commissioned.

Believing in the power of synergetic investments in the sector, ISKUR has become one of the leading companies in the fabric section of textile by commissioning the MODENA Woven Fabric Facility, which is a partnership subsidiary.

2014 MARCH

The first investment outside Kahramanmaraş was realized in Diyarbakır.

Along with the social peace process in the country, ISKUR realized its first investment outside Kahramanmaraş by establishing a ring compact yarn plant with a capacity of 50.000 spindles with an investment of 100 million TL in Diyarbakır.

APRIL 2014

ISKUR Marfi started as a FIAT dealership as automotive.

ISKUR continues to step into new sectors. It took its place in the sector by undertaking the Kahramanmaraş Authorized Sales Dealership of FIAT, the leading brand of the automobile industry, under the name of Marfi Automotive.


It started its production activities with the brand of ISKUR DENIM.

Aiming to grow in every field of textile, ISKUR started production activities with ISKUR DENIM brand by completing the denim management investment that becomes one of the locomotive sectors today.

2015 Mart

Wind Energy investment

Iskur group continues to invest in all area by considering environmental and social values. Wind Energy investment has an annual production capacity of 70.000.000 kWh.

JUNE 2015

Kahramanmaraş Sütçü İmam University Faculty of Theology opened

The Faculty of Theology, within the body of Kahramanmaraş Sütçü İmam University, whose construction started in 2012 and was completed in 2015, has taken its place among the most beautiful faculties of the university with its historical architecture and modern structure.

January 2017


Our group, which has the principle of being respectful to the environment,nature and people in every production and investment step, with the established Re-cycled yarn manufacturing plant today it has reached a production capacity of 450 tons by reclaiming the products that will be wasted.

2018 Ocak

Our İskur R&D center was established

2018 / R&D center was approved by Republic Of Turkey Ministry of Industry and Technology to continue our inspiration and innovative products

2020 January

Entered the Tourism Hotel Management sector

In 2020, ISKUR added a new one to its investment activities and entered the Tourism and Hotel Management sector and brought the Hampton By Hilton Kahramanmaraş Hotel to the City.

March 2020

Machinery Track Continues to Be Renewed

Our group, which continues its production with the slogan "Quality is an ISKUR Tradition", continues to renew its machinery park. Our Open End Yarn facility, equipped with modern and cutting-edge technology, continues to produce 210 Tons/Day.